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Science fiction becomes reality

On the one hand, Võrguvara’s slogan “Science fiction becomes reality” may be a prediction, but on the other, it may simply be confirmation of a fact.

Let’s recall the technology from the science fiction novels and films of a few years or decades ago, which at the time seemed unattainable and distant – fantastic. And now let’s think about the technology we use every day – smart devices with touch screens, smart home appliances connected by a global network, self-driving cars, and 3D printers, high-quality video calls from hand-held devices from any point in the world, facial recognition locks on computers and phones and much more. This is all standard today and really exists.

Science fiction becomes reality. That’s for sure. But science fiction and the fantastic are relative. What is fantastic for one person is reality for another. Simple, rapid and secure access to information resources is both essential and also seems unattainable for many. Not for Võrguvara.

Võrguvara’s pride and joy is our technical team – competent, innovative and constantly developing. With the support of such technical competence, we can change the seemingly most fantastic information network project into reality and find the most suitable solution for the client.


Our mission is to find and execute the best information network solutions for the client.

We wish to be a long-term and reliable partner for our clients. Trust is the basis of our business and we consider trustworthiness, reliability and competence to be our fundamental values. Therefore, we choose products for the solutions that we have tested ourselves and we conclude partnerships with the manufacturers about whose sustainability we are convinced. We operate honestly on the market and value functioning and honest competition.

Võrguvara, which has been operating since 1995, is a continually developing, well-functioning and integrated team. We also stand solidly beside our clients in the future and help them turn science fiction into reality.

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