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Are you sure that your investments in the development of IT systems are goal-orientated? In our practice, we have seen companies that have made unreasonably large or even useless investments in some narrow IT-system area. The acquisition of a large server or firewall does not ensure the better functioning of an information system. Often such wrong decisions result from the lack of a broad-based development plan.  We help companies map their information system needs, find the problems and bottlenecks, and set their goals and development directions.

In-house competence is always welcome, but considering the complexity of the IT field, but depending on the company’s size and field of activity, creating it may not always be worthwhile. Naturally, the existence of IT personnel in companies of a certain size is necessary, but there is no sense in expecting miracles from an IT department with limited resources. They too cannot manage all the necessary information and require supportive partners.



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