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Internet traffic under control

Have you considered the fact that your company’s information may be at risk? Information is today’s most valuable asset for a company, and leaving it unprotected is too great a risk to take. Dangers may be lurking everywhere. Information must be protected against destruction, theft, viruses, hackers, user mistakes and much more. The loss of information or its ending up in the wrong hands may result in serious consequences for both the company and its clients. Network Assets has all the tools for protecting your most precious assets.

Total inspection sounds suspicious and spying is not legal, but some rules must be observed when moving in a computer network. How to get the corrupt side of Internet use under control?

In addition to keeping hackers away, a proper network security solution prevents actions that waste time and network resources in the computer network and stop data leaks and help to keep the network functioning.

Often, a computer network is overloaded, since a large part of the volume is spent on wasting time – online games, social networks, ripping files, spending time in unnecessary websites or ones with suspicious content. The employer’s tools and time is not used productively.

Depending on the needs and size of your company, Network Assets can provide a suitable solution for you.

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