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MAX 123 and Võrguvara are joining

MAX 123 and Võrguvara to merge making up the largest IT infrastructure company based on Estonian capital

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MAX 123 and Võrguvara to merge making up the largest IT infrastructure company based on Estonian capital

MAX 123 AS and Võrguvara OÜ signed a letter of intent kicking off negotiations to merge the two companies during 2019. Following the merger, the new company will be the largest B2B IT infrastructure solution provider based solely on Estonian capital.


The two companies will continue to operate at their present locations with the current teams until negotiations and the following merger are complete. The aim of the merger is to create the largest IT infrastructure company based on Estonian capital to serve Estonian private and public sector customers. The focus is on providing business customers with well thought out, reliable and secure IT infrastructure solutions. The synergy stemming from combining two portfolios allows the new company to provide solutions from high level cyber security to networking and from datacenters to end user devices. Close attention will also be paid to retaining a high net promoter score and level of customer satisfaction.


During the negotiation period the companies will co-operate as much as permitted by law to be able to provide their customer base with a joint portfolio of end-to-end solutions in the near future. Once the negotiations are successful, the prerequisite for merging the companies is a permission from the Estonian Competition Authority. “Since the beginning of the negotiations it was clear that Võrguvara and MAX 123 complete each other brilliantly. Võrguvara’s strengths lie in networking and security whereas MAX 123’s in the server space and IT services. Together a complete portfolio and high level of service can be offered on the market,” said Ivo Suursoo, member of the Board of Directors of MAX 123. “We have always sought out ways to serve our customers better, offer a complete set of quality services and solutions. This merger is a just another step in that pursuit,“ added Jüri Reitsakas, founder and member of the board of Võrguvara.


In the letter of intent the partners have included an ambition to be the most desirable employer in the IT infrastructure field in Estonia, offering specialists a great environment for personal and professional development. 


MAX 123 is an IT solution and service provider founded in 1991 focusing on partnerships from IT management to daily execution. Its most important strategic partner are Dell, Microsoft and VMware. MAX 123 has the highest net promoter score among IT companies in Estonia. 


Võrguvara has a history of more than 20 years in the design, execution and support of fast, reliable and secure computer networks. Its customers include primarily medium to large private sector companies and public sector institutions. Its most important strategic partners are Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Extreme Networks, but in order to meet the various needs of different customers, the portfolio includes numerous other networking and security vendors.


The Management Board of the joint company will include Võrguvara’s current Head of Sales Tauno Telvik as Chief Executive Officer and MAX 123’s current CEO Ermo Kiisk as Chief Financial Officer. Current members of MAX 123’s Board of Directors Ivo Suursoo and Aldor Talkop a well as Võrguvara’s current member of the board Jüri Reitsakas will make up the new company’s Board if Directors.


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